Tips for Coarse and Relaxed Hair

Can’t get your hair to grow past your shoulders? Get half-inch trims every six weeks, and give yourself conditioning treatments every one to two weeks to prevent your strands from breaking off due to day-to-day styling. The healthier your hair is, the longer and stronger it will grow!

To keep hair smooth, choose a conditioner with a superstar hydrator, like avocado oil. After shampooing, squeeze out as much water as possible so conditioner clings to your hair. Leave on for three minutes.

Get a short and flippy do like Keri Hilson’s! Create piecey texture by rubbing a dime-size amount of hair wax in your hands, then raking your fingers through your bangs and shortest layers.

Get polished waves like Jordin Sparks! To get them, use a two-inch curling iron to curl one-inch sections of hair. Finish by finger-combing, then add hairspray for hold. If only this could make you sing like Jordin too…